An Introduction to Podcasting

Learn and practice new skills to empower young people in your community to create podcasts.
Incorporating podcasting into your learning environment will allow learners to develop communication skills, express their ideas and creativity, and engage with content in a new and exciting way. 
for educator's

This comprehensive module is designed for educators who want to implement engaging and creative technology learning experiences effectively. It is designed to teach you what you need to know about podcasting to be able to use it as an educational tool. 

An Introduction to Podcasting for Educators

Podcasting series


Learn about podcasting basics and the historical context from which it emerged.
podcasting series


Learn how to use the free Maonocaster kit and record audio for your podcast.
podcasting series


Learn how to edit the recorded audio and publish it online.
podcasting series


Learn about practical application, focusing on crafting genuine and relevant podcasting lessons.
Podcasting series


Learn how to apply for a Kinia Educator Credential

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“An excellent opportunity to learn a new skill that you can take back to youth sessions. Training was so professional that you can confidently walk away equipped with the necessary skills to undertake a Podcast."

Youth Worker, Galway

Being digitally creative develops key skills and competencies that build opportunity and learning pathways, so that all young people can confidently create their future.

Unlock essential and future focused skills: