An Introduction to Smart Energy

Join us on an electrifying journey into the world of Smart energy! Our comprehensive course is designed for forward-thinking educators who want to be at the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution. Whether your students are budding entrepreneurs, innovative engineers, or environmentally-conscious citizens, this course will illuminate the path to a cleaner, more efficient, and Smarter energy future.
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You have the unique opportunity to enhance your students' learning experiences by incorporating Smart energy technologies into your curriculum. This cutting-edge approach not only brings energy concepts to life through interactive and practical classroom activities but also equips your students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills within the context of sustainable energy practices.

By engaging with Smart energy kits and designing dynamic lesson plans, you will foster a collaborative learning environment that prepares your students for the challenges of our evolving energy landscape and encourages them to become proactive participants in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

An Introduction to Smart Energy Overview



This section serves as an introduction to Smart energy, its significance in modern education, and how it can enhance learning experiences. Educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills to integrate Smart energy technologies into their teaching, fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills within the context of sustainable energy practices.


Learners will delve into the basics of various energy types and receive guidance on the essential components of their Smart energy kits. The focus is on understanding the practical tools that will be used to demonstrate key energy concepts through various learning activities.


The course provides detailed instructions on using Smart energy kits, aiming to help educators create interactive activities that illustrate fundamental energy concepts. This hands-on approach is designed to convey practical knowledge and enable the effective use of Smart energy tools in educational settings.


Participants are encouraged to apply their knowledge by designing lesson plans that incorporate Smart energy concepts. This part of the module emphasises practical implementation, empowering educators to craft and deliver lessons that integrate Smart energy principles and relevant skills.


Educators document and reflect on the actual application of Smart energy in their classrooms, focusing on the practical impact of these activities. This evaluation is intended to consolidate learning and ensure that the Smart energy activations have a tangible effect on teaching and student engagement.

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"Thanks to the various bodies that provide funding to allow such a worthwhile course to be delivered in my school. Both I, and the students in my care, will benefit hugely from it next year hopefully."

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